Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry

Experts in Vended Laundry

Westbrook Manufacturing is a highly experienced, full-service vended laundry distributor. We deliver turnkey services, including laundry site selection, cost analysis, demographic studies, design, equipment, installation, marketing, financing, service and management training. We specialize in laundry renovation and development and offer highly efficient equipment engineered to lower overhead costs.

Express Laundry Centers®

We are the only distributor in our geographic area to offer Express Laundry Centers®! These turnkey vended laundries offer a 60-minute self-service wash/dry/fold and high-speed Continental ExpressWash® and ExpressDry® laundry equipment. The branded Express Laundry Center offers owners higher profit potential, lower utility costs and greater customer turnover. Visit or call us today to learn more!

Business Opportunities

A Recession Proof Business

Vended laundries are often buffered from fluctuations in the economy because clean clothes, like food, water and shelter, are a basic human need. When the economy is slow, there is often a greater need for self-service laundries because ownership of washers and dryers decreases. Moreover, it’s often less expensive to launder clothes at a vended laundry than it is to do them at home!

Investment Growth

The homeownership rate in Manitoba is 68 percent. That means renters occupy 32 percent of the province’s 13 million households. Since renters have historically been major contributors to vended laundries, the outlook for vended laundries is bright. Because today’s vended laundries often provide multiple services, such as full-service wash/dry/fold and drop-off dry cleaning, they also cater to homeowners – strengthening their business position.

Locating Your Store

Store location is key to the success of your store. That's why it's critical to locate your store in a demographically appropriate area. There are many factors to consider, including traffic density, population, competition, availability of utilities, store visibility and even parking. At Westbrook, we evaluate potential locations, provide demographic studies and develop cost analyses to ensure they hold merit before you invest!


Vended laundries can make excellent business investments. The typical store operates on a cash-in-advance basis with little inventory; thereby eliminating risks such as a control shrinkage, theft or spoilage. Plus, a card or coin laundry is an owner-controlled business, creating a great degree of management control.

Resale Value

Vended laundries normally sell for three to seven times their net earnings with average historic returns exceeding 40 percent, according to the Coin Laundry Association (CLA), a non-profit, coin laundry trade association. Today’s energy-efficient laundry equipment and ancillary products help improve profits for higher resale value.

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