Business Opportunities

Coin and card laundries don’t just target renters or tourists; the laundry industry is rich with opportunities ...

Reaching out to Homeowners

With the average American work week extending to more than 40 hours per week, successful coin laundry owners are incorporating time-saving services into their business plan to expand their demographic and their bottom line. Services such wash-dry-fold, delivery and in-house dry-cleaning all attract more than your average laundry goer. Non-traditional laundry items, such as rugs, comforters, drapery, tablecloths, sleeping bags and other difficult to launder items can also entice the homeowner to take advantage of a vended laundry’s large-capacity washers!

Moreover, visiting coin laundries also makes good financial sense. A family of four can wash their weekly laundry at a coin laundry for less than they can at home, and complete their laundry in a quarter of the time. Who wouldn’t want to get all of their laundry done in less than an hour? Meanwhile, Westbrook Manufacturing works with each storeowner to slash utility bills and wash time by installing the most energy-efficient, high-speed laundry equipment.

Resale Value – A Recession Proof Investment

Vended laundries are nearly “recession-proof” and offer high resale values. Clean laundry is a daily necessity, which is why coin/card laundries are often buffered from any fluctuation in the economy. Laundry experts point to the coin/card laundry business as one of the only businesses to be termed “recession-proof.”

Card and coin operated laundries can make excellent business investments. The typical store operates on a cash-in-advance basis with little inventory; thereby eliminating risks such as a control shrinkage, theft or spoilage. Plus, a card or coin laundry is an owner-controlled business, creating a great degree of management control – perfect for the business owner with a family or looking to continue their fulltime profession.

Most often, card- and coin-operated laundries pay for themselves in only a few years and can be sold at top dollar, according to the Coin Laundry Association (CLA), a non-profit, coin laundry trade association. In fact, most card and coin operated laundries enjoy higher resale values, even though laundry equipment depreciates. CLA research indicates that coin laundries typically sell for between three and seven times their net cash flow - with average historic returns exceeding 40 percent.

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