Coin Laundry

Our Know-How

We understand how hard it is to create a sustainable, profitable and viable small business. That’s why, at Westbrook Manufacturing, we are here to guide you through every decision – partnering with you to make your laundry investment dream a reality.


We are with our customers every step of the way, assisting with:

  • laundry site location—targeting the most profitable demographic
  • planning building logistics—hot water capacities, concrete work, reinforcing the infrastructure, etc.
  • developing floor plans
  • suggesting & installing a mix of equipment to ensure great results
  • providing service after the sale

No detail is overlooked by our team of experts.

Once developed, the owner-distributor relationship is far from over. We check in with each laundry owner on a monthly basis, ensuring that their business is providing a solid and stable return on their investment.

A Hole in the Canadian Market

While there are numerous card and coin laundries throughout the Manitoba area, most are run-down with dated, inefficient equipment. There is a hole in the Canadian marketing waiting to be filled by clean card/coin laundries with high-speed washer extractors, time-saving services and a friendly knowledgeable staff. We are ready to help you fill that hole and to capture profits in the process!

Coin Equipment

We deliver quality laundry equipment vital to the success of any self-service laundry.

Coin Washers

On-Premise Laundry

We specialize in developing highly productive and energy-efficient on-premise commercial laundries.
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Coin Laundry

We develop profitable, energy-efficient self-service laundries designed to maximize customer turnover & revenues.
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Ancillary Products

We offer a variety of ancillary products to properly equip your on-premise and coin laundries.
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