On-Premise Ironers

On-Premise Ironers

Westbrook Manufacturing offers high-quality ironing systems that improve production and lower labor costs. We’ll help your laundry properly size and select equipment to fit your production, labor and energy-efficiency goals.

Continental Express Heated-Roll Ironer

13- or 20-inch diameter rolls

Express Heated-Roll Ironers automatically iron damp linens straight from the washer, without dryer preconditioning. Offering no-wax finishing for significantly simplified maintenance, Express Ironers are durably built and backed by a 7/5/3-year factory warranty. The 20-inch Express Ironer offers an integrated folding system that automatically folds items as they exit the ironer.

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Continental Compact+ 5-in-One Ironing System

24- or 32-inch diameter roll

130-inch finishing width

The Compact+ 5-in-One, engineered to boost production and quality in medium- and high-volume laundries, automatically and quickly feeds, irons, folds, stacks and accumulates. It does all this from a small footprint at processing speeds reaching 50 feet-per-minute. It features a touch-screen control with 20 pre-set and 20 customizable programs – offering control over multiple ironing parameters. It is configurable for one, two, or four working lanes, with one lane for sheets, two lanes for table linens and four lanes for small items. The Compact+ 5-in-One also provides standard, four-lane accumulator options and single- or two-lane cross-folds using air jets, reversing conveyors and knife blade assistance, as well as stacking. The Compact+ 5-in-One offers multiple options to meet specific ironing and folding needs. It is available in natural gas or liquid propane (LP) heat and is backed by a 7/5/3 factory warranty.

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CP32130 Brochure

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