St. Paul's Home

Daughin, Manitoba
St. Paul's Home, a personal care home with more than 70 beds, housed an old, outdated laundry that failed to meet the home's continuous laundry demands and even proper government regulations. With Westbrook Manufacturing's expertise, the laundry room underwent a complete redesign, providing updated infrastructure, new sewer and water lines, concrete pads for softmount washers, an innovative equipment mix to slash utility costs and increased production, installation and training for all users. Now, the laundry has a far superior through put, longer lasting linens and fewer break downs. With Westbrook's help, St. Paul's Home has cleaner laundry in less time and for less money.

Inn at the Forks

Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Inn at the Forks, a luxury hotel in Winnipeg, sought out Westbrook Manufacturing when it was time to design their laundry. They worked hand-in-hand to create a custom laundry filled with the most efficient equipment mix for a streamlined through put and greater efficiency. With highly programmable washers and pressing irons onsite, linens were washed and ironed to perfection. Westbrook Manufacturing helped the Inn's bottom line at every turn; the outstanding equipment even eliminated the need for a linen and laundry service.

“Westbrook has been our primary laundry service since before we opened. They have been extremely accommodating and their day-to-day service is more than exceptional.”

–Denis Smith, General Manager, Inn at the Forks

Vet Clinic

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