On-Premise Laundry Dryers


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To complement Continental’s line of washer-extractors, CG West offers a full line of Continental drying tumblers and Continental flatwork ironers for on-premise laundries. Backed by industry leading, limited factory warranties, Continental drying tumblers and flatwork ironers can cut labor expense, heighten safety and bring the ultimate in programmability and performance to on-premise industrial laundries.

Pro-Series II Dryers - Continental Girbau

20- to 175-pound capacities and 30- and 45-pound stack capacities
Built to handle the rigors of constant use, Pro-Series II Dryers are designed to perfectly complement the quality and energy-efficiency of Pro-Series Washers. Because big performance can come in small packages, Pro-Series II small-capacity dryers are engineered to efficiently and quickly dry laundry. Complete with high-level programmability and energy-saving axial airflow, Pro-Series II delivers productivity and ease of use, while curbing energy consumption. The Pro-Series II large-capacity drying tumblers are designed with quality internal components, easy-to-use programmable microprocessor controls and a multitude of features that dramatically increase laundry production and energy-efficiency. Built to handle large, bulky loads, these workhorse machines help on-premise laundries make the most of their investment.
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E-Series Drying Tumblers - Continental Girbau

20-pound capacity
Equipped with an oversized door, dryer window and cylinder light, E-Series Drying Tumblers are not only easy to use, they are incredibly efficient! The robust 7.0 cu. ft. cylinder and 1/3 HP motor are a perfect match in capacity and power to the 20-pound E-Series Washer. E-Series Dryers boast efficient axial airflow that maximizes water removal. Laundry dries faster - resulting in a significant savings in labor and utility costs. E-Series Dryers share the same dimensions and utility connections as most home-style dryers, and as a result, are an easy replacement for these less efficient models.
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Econ-O-Dry Dryers - Continental Girbau

Singleload and stacked doubleload capacities
A perfect match to Econ-O-Wash topload washers, Econ-O-Dry dryers are not only easy to use, they dry laundry incredibly fast! The robust cylinder capacity takes on larger loads of laundry and provides improved tumble action through axial airflow technology. The dryer control offers fabric selection options and a convenient timer. Singleload and stacked doubleload capacities are available in gas or electric heat.
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Industrial Dryers - Dexter

T-80, -55, -30
Dexter Industrial Dryers are available with natural gas, steam or electrically heated. You can also choose between white or stainless steel exteriors. Dexter Industrial Dryers offer high performance in a reliable design.
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SWD Express - Dexter

Dexter's Stack Washer/Dryer Express is perfect for on-premise laundry owners who need maximum laundry power with limited floor space. The SWD pocket holds 25-30-pounds of laundry, and typically completes a triple load of laundry in less than an hour.
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DE Series - B & C Technologies

30- to 170-pound capacities
The Economy Series provides is perfect for a small on premise laundry. Available in 30, 50, 75, 120 and 170 pound capacities.
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DP Series - B & C Technologies

200- to 250-pound capacities
The Professional Series provides a stainless steel drying cylinder, microprocessor controls, and 200 or 250 pound capacity. More power for heavier duty applications.
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DI Series - B & C Technologies

225- to 475-pound capacities
The Industrial Series provides a stainless steel drying cylinder, microprocessor controls and available tilting and dual doors for industrial applications. Available in 225, 325, and 475 pound capacities.
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