On-Premise Laundry Ironers

Pro-Series Heated-Roll Flatwork Ironer - Continental Girbau

8-, 13- or 20-inch rolls
Easy to use and maintain, Continental Pro-Series Flatwork ironers feature heavy-duty construction, a no-wax design and unique features meant to streamline production, reduce labor and ensure machine longevity. The steam-, electric- or gas-heated ironers are available in multiple finishing widths with 18-, 13- or 20-inch rolls. The exclusive Kinematic Pressure system improves finishing results and cuts processing time by applying 3.5 times more force to linens than stretch ironers. The ironer’s AutoSpeed adjusts ironing speed and temperature to properly dry and finish linens straight from the washer. In doing so, the system can cut 20-40 minutes off processing time!
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Pro-Series Heated-Chest Flatwork Ironers - Continental Girbau

32-inch roll
Continental’s modular, chest-heated flatwork ironers - in steam or oil - also offer unmatched durability and programmability. Developed with your customers in mind, Continental’s F32, in operating widths of 118, 130 and 138 inches, brings flexibility and the highest quality finishing results to high-volume industrial laundries. The ironer’s AutoSpeed system automatically adjusts ironing speed based on moisture content and fabric type so linens can be fed straight from the washer extractor through the ironer!
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