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After years of providing top-notch service, our customers urged us to provide and service equipment for on-premise laundries (OPL). The needs and concerns of each on-premise laundry are different. At Westbrook Manufacturing, we observe every aspect of our clients’ laundry operations to determine the best laundry layout, workflow and equipment mix – always ensuring utility and labor costs are minimized, and efficiency and productivity are maximized.

At Westbrook, we understand there can’t be a cookie-cutter approach to your on-premise laundry. We have partnered with Continental Girbau and Dexter Equipment to bring you high-speed washer-extractors, flatwork ironers and drying tumblers to meet the individual needs of special markets, including vacation rentals, fire departments, commercial laundries, health care facilities, hotels/motels, bed and breakfasts, dairy farms, correctional facilities, drycleaners, salons and spas and athletic facilities.

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Is laundry taking consuming too much time and money? Is your facility constantly replacing worn out sheets and linens? By equipping your on-premise laundry with high-speed washer-extractors, your laundry operation will slash utility and labor costs, and ensure a crisp, five-star finish. Our Continental washers reach more than 300 G-force extract speeds—doubling that of most other front-load washers. Thus, they cut dry time by as much as 50 percent. A shorter dry time also reduces wear and tear on linens and sheets. The automatic chemical injection process also eliminates the need to manually add chemicals and cuts down on human error, overuse and the price of detergent. Flatwork ironers are also available to finish tablecloths, napkins and linens. Linens can be fed directly from the washer to the ironer – without dryer conditioning, which further cuts labor and utility costs and boosts laundry production. We also offer many economical hard mount washer extractors by continental and dexter for consumers confined by budget restraints. Our hard-mount line-up has served Manitoba well over the years with proven reliability and cost efficiency.


Production is key when equipping a laundry in a nursing home, clinic or hospital. Our Continental washers have extract speeds that top out at more than 387-G force, cutting dry time by as much as 50 percent. In doing so, facilities also cut utility costs, gas consumption and labor, while maximizing production. Automatic chemical injection ensures the right cleaning chemicals and softeners are used at the appropriate water temperatures and cycles. Continental washers are also highly programmable with 79 program selections - 20 pre-programmed options and 59 user-programmable options; creating a guaranteed clean! Sheets, blankets, towels, bed pads and personals—the washers are programmable to perfectly clean any item with a simple touch of a button! Our Continental washers help facilities cut utility costs, gas consumption and labor, while maximizing production.

Athletic Facilities/ Health Clubs

From professional to college and high school level, Westbrook Manufacturing has developed on-premise laundries at athletic facilities throughout Manitoba. Most are concerned with boosting laundry productivity and consistently cleaning and sanitizing uniforms, towels, warm-ups and more, with little downtime. Our high-speed washer-extractors means remove more water from a load—shortening dry time and increasing laundry productivity per shift. High-speed, freestanding Continental and Dexter washer-extractors also ensure a consistent clean for game day using automatic chemical injection and one-touch operation! When a guaranteed clean is a necessity, turn to Continental washers, which feature with 79 programmable selections – a perfect clean every time.

Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities have numerous laundry concerns, including inmate safety, inventory, fabric longevity and productivity. Our Continental commercial laundry equipment is gentle on blankets and sheets; programmable to handle a variety of items, including inmates’ personals and rugged mop heads; and is equipped to handle hundreds of pounds of incoming laundry each day in half the time of the average commercial machines. Since inmates often operate the laundry equipment, our Continental laundry equipment is easy to use and program to lessen human error and offers lock-out safety features. We also offer and have installed machinery by B&C technologies for correctional facilities. These machines have proven themselves rugged, reliable, and easy to use.


Contaminated protective turnout gear exposes firefighters to potentially life-threatening chemicals, biological agents and particulate matter. Industry experts have agreed that highly programmable washer-extractors are key to washing gear correctly and in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our Continental and Dexter washer-extractors come equipped with automatic chemical injection, dispersing the right type and amount of detergents with every wash, and programmable extract speeds; both features make for a more effective decontamination process without damage to protective fabrics. Finally, our commercial laundry equipment is designed for easy installation in a truck bay, utility room or storage area. When safety is more than important, it’s a matter of life and death, turn to the laundry experts – Westbrook Manufacturing.

Bed & Breakfasts

Commercial laundry equipment isn’t reserved for prisons and healthcare facilities. As a B&B owner you too can reap the rewards of lower utility bills, faster dry times and increased linen longevity. B&Bs dependent on holding tanks or septic systems can cut wastewater considerably, and in doing so, save on wastewater removal fees and prevent septic overloading. Our bolt-free, freestanding design does not require a concrete foundation so equipment fits into the same space previously occupied by your old, inefficient washer and dryer.

Veterinary Clinics

Speed and sanitation is critical to the prevention of bacterial growth and cross contamination in a veterinary clinic. Our programmable washer-extractors with automatic chemical injection ensure surgical linens and towels are thoroughly cleaned each and every wash. The high-speed washer is able to handle all of your laundry needs, including blankets, towels and bedding.

Spas, Salons & Health Clubs

By quickly cleaning soiled towels, robes and sheets, spas, health clubs and salons help ensure a clean, relaxing and healthy environment. Machine sizing is critical to ensure the laundry equipment’s ability to take on required laundry poundage. Moreover, high-speed extract and programmability are important to improving production and ease of use.

OPL Equipment

We know how to improve laundry productivity while reducing utilities and labor—helping our customers accomplish more, using less.

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