Coin Laundry Washers

Coin Laundry Washer-Extractors

Continental Girbau

ExpressWash® Freestanding Washer-Extractors

20- to 90-pound capacities

Featuring a freestanding design and extract speeds 400 G-Force, ExpressWash Washers are simple to install, highly efficient and offer the ProfitPlus® Control. High spin speeds remove more moisture from every load – cutting dry time and natural gas usage. This allows customers to wash, dry and fold laundry in less than 60 minutes! Highly programmable, the ProfitPlus Control allows the customer to add an EXTRA WASH, SPIN or RINSE. Backed by a limited 10/4/3-year factory warranty.

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G-Flex Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors

33- to 70-pound capacities

Continental’s most advanced hard-mount washers, G-Flex delivers extract speeds up to 200 G-force. Offering flexibility to meet installation requirements, they feature six programmable extract speeds, including 100, 140 and 200 G-force. Equipped with the ProfitPlus Control, G-Flex Washers offer four primary cycle options: SUPERWASH, an extra-long cycle for heavy soil; HOT, for whites; WARM for colorfast and permanent press items; and COLD for colors. Customers may also add an EXTRA WASH, SPIN or RINSE. Backed by a limited 10/4/3-year factory warranty.

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L-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors

75- and 125-pound capacities

Proven performers, L-Series Washers are efficient, durable and simple to use. Backed by a 10/4/3-year factory warranty.

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REM-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractor

25-pound capacity

Featuring a compact footprint and up to 108 G-force extract, the REM-Series hard-mount washer offers small-load performance and eight individually modifiable programs. Backed by a 10/5/3-year factory warranty.

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Econ-O-Wash Top-load Washer

The Econ-O-Wash Washer uses just 27.3 gallons of water per load, features a user-friendly control and generates 710 RPM spin speeds. Available in gas or electric models, it can be stacked with a matching dryer.

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Dexter C-Series Express Washers

20- to 90-pound capacities

Dexter vended washers are available in standard 100 G-force or Express 200 G-Force extract capabilities. They feature free access to, a web app that makes it simple to track and manage your business anywhere, anytime, on any device. Stack  washer-dryers also available. All are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.
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LG Platinum Front-Load Washer

Platinum Washers are Energy Star qualified. Commercial grade construction ensures durability and performance, while auto-balancing and inverter-drive systems deliver reliable, smooth operation. LG Washers require just 11.2 gallons of water per load and feature a NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub. The LG Washer control allows programming of vend price, cycle time, cycle parameter and spin speed. Stack washer/dryer models available.